Passage through the Baikal by dog sledding

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Duration: 2 active days of transition, 1 day of arrival and 1 day of departure

Total length of the route: 140 kilometers

Period: mid-February-early March

The cost of the tour in rubles for 2017:

Number of persons Price per person
1 74300
2 71300
3 68400
4 65400

Description of the tour

During the whole route you will go on dog sleds about 140 km, visit the middle of the lake, see the winter Baikal in all its colors. Feel his space and realize that he is alive; fall in love with the ancient mountain range of Khamar – Daban, plunge into the atmosphere of the Baikal fairy tale of the eastern coast of the lake.

And most importantly, you will make a grandiose transition through Lake Baikal from the eastern shore of the lake to the west. And compare and feel the completely different contrasting Baikal places with your own eyes … And faithful dog teams, born on the shores of the great Baikal, who will not make such transitions for the first time, will help you in this.

Day 1

We meet you at the airport. We arrive in Listvyanka. We are accommodated in a family hotel. Then we go to the Baikal Center of Sled Sports. We get acquainted with dogs, their masters and guards / instructors. Then, pass a short, comprehensible Instruction on Safety Management for Dog Sled Management and a snowmobile (if one goes to the route).

dog sleds

And you are going on a walking tour on dog sleds (with lunch in the winter taiga). White snow, the rustling of the dog’s paws, the sounds of the slip of the sledges of the narts and the forest taiga fairy-tale trail are unusual sensations that you probably still do not know … This walk is a sort of warm-up before tomorrow’s crossing over Lake Baikal. In the evening – free time.

Day 2

The start at 11-00 (11-30). We set up the teams, pack the equipment and go on the route. We move on the sled along the river from the fall of the Cross to the shoreline. There we go out onto the flat expanses of the winter ice lake.

dog sleds

In the beginning, there are open fields of strong ice and only in places priporoshennogo snow. The further we move away from the shore, the more noticeable will be the increase in the snow cover. In sunny weather, the peaks of Khamar-Daban will be clearly visible, combining soft shades of blue and blue …

On the road, we stop for a lunch-snack, hot tea and feed tailed satellites …

We contemplate amazing beauty … We are photographed … And we move on, keeping our way to Vydrino station.

The total distance covered in 1 day is about 70 km. When walking around hummocks, cracks, a cleft, the distance increases slightly.

dog sleds

In the evening we reach the station Vydrino. We are located in a warm family house. We cook dinner for dogs, feed them.

Then you will have a hot bath. Dinner. On request, a short walk

day 3

After breakfast we are going on the road. We pack the equipment. We exhibit and form teams. Start. Today our route: Vydrino – Listvyanka. The total distance is about 70 km.

dog sleds

With the bypass of ice hummocks, cracks, a rift, the distance may slightly increase. Approximately on the middle of our way we make a halt, snack-lunch, hot tea … Having rested, we move further to the west coast of the lake.

The approaching landscapes are fascinating … Blue ice, blue hummocks, white inflatable, mountains, a horizon of horizons and the sun going over the ridge ridges …

The snow cover is much less than on the eastern shores of the lake. Therefore, the teams go alternately – then on the snow trail, which they are laying a snowmobile, then on the bare ice, straining all the muscles to resist and at the same time to run, without damaging the bundles and keeping the cruising constant working speed of movement …


Upon arrival in Listvyanka, we are accommodated in a family hotel. Then you will enjoy a pleasant Gala Dinner and the delivery of the well-deserved Personal Certificates of the Baikal Cayur.

Day 4

Today is the day of departure. In free before the departure (or until the transfer to the city), you will visit and see some local attractions: Lake Baikal Museum, a retro park, art gallery, souvenir and fish market. Then dinner in the family of kayurs. And a shuttle to the city of Irkutsk.

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Spring in slippers

Included in the price

  • Transfer from and to Irkutsk
  • Transfers in Listvyanka
  • Escorting a snowmobile with a cargo sled
  • Coaching of teams by instructors-kayurami
  • Rent a sled dog
  • Rent of special driving equipment
  • Accommodation by the program
  • Meals on the itinerary of the program, except for the evening of 1 day
  • Certificate of the Baikal mess and memorable gifts
  • Bath in the evening of the second day
  • festive dinner
  • Lunch in the family of kayurs

The price does not include

  • English-speaking guide (2500 rub. / Day).


  • In case of force majeure, the route can be slightly changed, preserving the theme and expedition of the route.
  • Distances of transitions taking into account rounds of hummocks, small cracks and clefts may slightly increase.
  • Participants of a small expedition take the most active part in the tour (for example, feeding sled dogs, watching them during movement, caring for their paws, etc.)
  • They listen and follow all the remarks / recommendations / tips of the drivers and snowmobile instructors throughout the entire route.
  • The maximum number of people on sleds is 4. The rest can ride a snowmobile (discussed in advance). In the case of more travelers wishing to travel, the option of a combined tour is considered. At the same time, the cost of 5, 6-th, etc. guest is equal to the cost of the 4th.
  • The maximum number of dog teams is 4 (the expedition option for long-distance transitions is two twin teams).
  • It is possible to cross the lake with a cold overnight in a tent on the ice of Lake Baikal (next to the dogs) in the presence of its winter personal equipment (sleeping bags for minus -30-35-40 degrees comfort)