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One-day excursion to Olkhon

Time spending: all year round

Duration: 17-19 hours

Number of people in the group: up to 12 people

The cost of a one-day tour in rubles for 2017.:

Number of people in the group Cost per person
with a group of 1 to 7 people. 5000

Description of the excursion

Meeting at the airport, at the railway or bus station, or at the hotel in Irkutsk or the village. Listvyanka. The road passes through the picturesque spurs of the Baikal Range, mixed and coniferous forests, which are then replaced by the Mongolian landscapes of the Tazheran steppe. Time to go to the ferry to the village. Sahurte (settlement MRS) – 5-6 hours. In the road – the travel information and watching movies about Lake Baikal, the nature, flora and fauna of our Siberian region.

Sightseeing tour on UAZ by. Olkhon with a visit to the bays of the Small Sea, pos. Khuzhir, Cape Burhan, the northern part of the island – Cape Khoboy. Lunch on the island of Olkhon – omul, cooked at the stake, ear from the omul. Duration: 6-8 hours.

Return to the ferry by 19.00-19.30

Dinner in the village. Sahurte in one of the local cafes. Later return to the village. Listvyanka or Irkutsk to the hotel.

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about. Olkhon Cape Burkhan

Included in the price

  • All transfers according to the program
  • Excursion service under the program accompanied by the guide - guide
  • Excursion program at the UAZ on the island of Olkhon

The price does not include

  • Meals on the way
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Products
  • Additional transfers are not for the program
  • Accommodation in Irkutsk and pos. Listvyanka


  • With you, you need to take warm clothes, comfortable shoes for trekking routes.
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Individual first-aid kit
  • Take your camera or camcorder with you