Dog Sled Tours

Dog sledding in the winterй -this is an exciting lesson, an interesting journey full of unforgettable impressions.

With great pleasure we invite you to our cattery of northern sled dogs Alaskan Husky.

Husky -these are beautiful, affectionate, friendly animals, with complaisant character and good temper. They are unbeaten runners in racing and are faithful friends on the journey. The history of dog harnesses, as well as the dogs themselves, has many centuries and is inextricably linked with the history of man.

We invite you to get acquainted with these wonderful animals, and through communication with them to expand the horizons of their world.

Attention! In the table there are only short tours, with multi-day tours you can find out below.

Price list

Winter season

mid October to mid-April

One-day dog sledding

The cost of the tour in rubles for 2017:

Route Price per person
up to 10 min 1700
up to 20 min 2500
up to 35 min 3500
up to 1 hour 6000
up to 3 hours with lunch at the stake 9000

Full Price List

Winter season

mid October to mid-April

Many-day dog sledding

The cost of the tour in rubles for 2017:

Route 1 man 2 person 3 person 4 person
to the Shelters Shelter with lunch 15000 15000 15000 15000
To the Shelter of the Elderly in the night, start at 16.00 18200 17400 16700 15900
Expedition to the CBR, 2 full days 30600 29400 28100 26800
105 meridians, 2 full days 43800 42000 40300 38500
Pereemnaya-Tankhoi, 3 full days 56250 54000 51750 49500
105 meridians, 3 full days 62500 60000 57500 55000
Sable fairy tale, 6 days 103125 99000 94875 90750
Combined, together with snowmobiles по запросу по запросу по запросу по запросу
Individual itinerary по запросу по запросу по запросу по запросу

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Sable fairy tale

Sable fairy taleThis is a winter six-day expeditionary route on dog sleds.

During the whole route you will go on dog sleds for about 200 km, visit the middle of the Circum-Baikal railway with the longest tunnel, see the winter Baikal in all its colors and spaces and realize that it is alive; fall in love with the oldest mountain range of Khamar – Daban, plunge into the atmosphere of a snow fairy tale of the eastern shore of the lake; make a grandiose transition through Lake Baikal to the west coast and compare completely different places; feel a special microclimate of the Siberian jungle with a deep snow cover.


Cost: from 90750 rubles

Date: mid-February to mid-March

Pleaces: Listvyanka village, Shumikha station, Vydrino village – t / b Strelka – radial route along the Selenginka river to Sobolinoye lake – Vydrino village – Listvyanka village

Duration: 6 days

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105 meridian

105 meridianWe bring to your attention the winter three-day route on dog sleds, which passes through the middle of Lake Baikal to the outskirts of the village of Bolshie Koty.

Movement on the ice of Lake Baikal and hiking on snowshoes. Overnight in warm houses.


Cost: from 55000 rubles

Date: mid-February-end of March

Places: Listvyanka settlement – the village of Bolshie Koty – Listvyanka settlement

Duration: 3 days

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Journey towards Shumikha station

Journey towards Shumikha stationA full two-day winter tour on dog sleds.

Within two days you will overcome on dog sled about 90 km along the snowy and sometimes clear ice of Lake Baikal, you will see the winter beauties of the Circum-Baikal railway, you will feel like a full-time cavier among the vast expanses of the lake.
Cost: about 26800 rubles

Date: mid-February-end of March

Places: Listvyanka settlement – Baikal – Shumikha station – Baikal-village Listvyanka

Duration: 2 days

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A two-day trip to the “Shelter of the Starers”

Two-day dog ​​sled tour
Movement along the taiga through the Black Pass or along the ice of Lake Baikal (depending on the snow and ice conditions). Overnight in warm houses with a stove-burger without conveniences. Bath with a dam. An unforgettable and interesting tour.

Cost: about 15900 rubles

Date: December – end of March

Places: The Baikal National Park

Duration: 2 days

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One-day trip to the “Shelter of the Starers”

One-day dog ​​sled tour

An interesting one-day trip through fairy-tale winter landscapes, I’m betting a dog sled ride will leave you indelible impressions.

Cost: about 15000 rubles

Date: November – end of March

Places: The Baikal National Park

Duration: 1 days


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Travel through Lake Baikal

Travel through Lake Baikal

You will make the transition to dog sleds through Lake Baikal. It is akin to the famous Baikal Ice Marathon, which annually passes from Tanhoy to Listvyanka in early March, the only event from Russia, which got into the world book of records of endurance activities. Differences of our journey at a greater distance (about 140 km) and in the fact that we cross the Baikal twice.
In my opinion, there is something to change the home sofa and office chair.

Cost: about 65400 rubles

Date: February – March

Places: village Listvyanka – village Vydrino

Duration: 4 days

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SkiJoaring on Lake BaikalSkiJoaring –
one of the disciplines of riding sports, in which a skier moves free style along the ski distance with the dog, connected together by a tow rope with a shock absorber.

Skijoring is a sport for all: for professionals and for amateurs, for beginners, and even for children.

We offer you an interesting ski trip with a sled dog on rough terrain with halts.

Cost: from 6500 rubles

Date: December – March

Places: Pribaikalsky National Park

Duration: 1 day

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The Race and Zig brothers

Included in the price

  • Accommodation on the route
  • Rent a sleeping bag
  • Meals on the route
  • Rent a sled dog
  • Rent of special driving equipment
  • Instructor-riding with a sled dog

The price does not include

  • Personal things
  • Backpack for 30-40 liters.
  • Warm shoes

Recommendations and clarifications

  • Guests need to have: warm, non-shrouding clothing, warm gloves / mittens, warm shoes without a high heel with a non-slip sole, scarf / balaclava, and a hat that does not fly off the head.
  • Guests who want to ride with a breeze, come in the morning (from 11-00 to 14-00). Guests who are afraid of speed, come in the afternoon or closer to the evening, when we are already tired.
  • We provide the guest with additional warming in the form of overalls, blowing leggings (over their gloves / gloves).
  • When traveling on dog sleds for many days, before entering the route, guests must undergo a Safety Instruction for the management of our dog sleds.
  • The maximum number of participants on the route is 4 people. With large groups, the group is accompanied by snowmobiles. This is agreed in advance.