Climate and seasons

The climate of Lake Baikal has features of sea climate and is significantly different from the climate of adjacent territories. In summer, the water masses of the lake warm up to a depth of 250 m, accumulating heat. This causes the fact that the winter on Lake Baikal is softer, and the summer is cooler than in the rest of Eastern Siberia. The average annual air temperature ranges from -25 C in winter to +17 C in summer in the coastal part of the lake. The warming of the warm waters by the large tributaries-Selenga, Barguzin, the Upper Angara and others, has a warming effect on the water temperature, according to which the temperature of the water in the river deltas and in the bays in Barguzinsky, Chevirkuysky, Posolko Sore, Mukhor and others reaches + 22-23 C, which attracts many tourists here.

Baikal is beautiful at any time of the year. In autumn, spring, winter and summer, it is different and in a special way. There is always something to see, where to stay and what to do.

The peculiarity of the climate is the Baikal winds, which have their own names (there are more than 30 of them, the most famous are the Barguzin, Sarma, Verhovik, Kultuk.

New Year’s and Christmas.

This time is like a fairy tale, light, snowy, frosty and invigorating. Here, clean air, beautiful landscapes, shrouded in a frosty haze, and an unusually deep black sky, dotted with numerous stars.

New Year and Christmas are pleasant to meet in Listvyanka, on the shore of Lake Baikal. Here you can ride horses, travel by dog ​​sledding and visit the ethnographic museum “Taltsy”, where a variety of Russian winter fun will not leave anyone indifferent.

If you really want to see the beauty of the Siberian taiga against the backdrop of the majestic mountains, then you should visit Arshan, stroll along the canyon of the river. Kyngargi or climb the peak of Love, from where you can enjoy a stunning panorama of the sleeping Tunkinskaya valley.

If you want to swim at New Year’s holidays in healing hot springs, then you can visit the resort “Pearl” or “Hungur-Ulu”.

Spring on Lake Baikal and the ice season

Baikal has its seasons, its seasons. So the ice season comes about from the middle of February and lasts until the end of April. At this time, the lake is bounded by strong ice and you can walk on it, skate, bicycle, dog sled, jeep, snowmobile. Increasingly, the sun shines and warms, the clear blue sky pleases the eye, calm, calm days raise the mood.

It is worth taking a stroll along the clear ice of the lake along Olkhon. At this time, you can observe the bizarre form of splash formations, numerous grottoes, snow-blue hummocks.

This is a good time to fully enjoy the beauty of the winter Baikal.

May Baikal

Nature wakes up on Lake Baikal in May. The snow melts, the sun shines brighter and warmer, the first flowers appear on the thawed patches. The forests slowly gain color. But while they are not yet dressed in fresh outfits, bright crimson spots decorate the forest thicket with a wonderful rosemary.

At this time, popular routes such as swimming in the hot springs of Pearls and mountain air of Arshan, versatile Listvyanka with museums and excursions to sights, light trekking on the Olkhin plateau.

Summer vacation on Lake Baikal.
Summer is the most attractive time on Lake Baikal. Many tourists go to rest on the lake in this season. And no wonder, because all the sights of Baikal are accessible in summer, the list of active and extreme sports is more extensive. The summer on Lake Baikal is not hot + 27 … + 30 C in the daytime and + 15 … + 17 at night. Such an average daily temperature difference is typical for the sharply continental Siberian climate. Given this, it is worthwhile to take with you on summer vacation and warm clothes.

The best time for a beach holiday in Baikal is from July to mid-August. In August, the water in the lake warms up as much as 16 degrees in open water and up to 23 C in bays and bays.

For a beach holiday, the coast of. Olkhon, the bay of the Small Sea. It is good to combine such rest with hiking and excursions.

The Baikal region is characterized by a large total duration of sunshine. On the lake it is larger than in adjacent territories and in southern regions of Russia. The greatest number of sunny days is observed around the island of Olkhon

Autumn on Lake Baikal

Golden Autumn is the time of artists, poets, photographers, fans to relax alone with nature. At this time Baikal is buried in various colors, the sky is shaking with its pigeon and relief clouds; blue, rich shades of lake water attracts the attention of thirsty amateur photographers. The middle of September – the beginning of October – warm and windless time, perfectly combined with easy excursion walks. In the evening, it’s already quite cool (+8 … + 6 C), so warm clothing will be useful for you on any tour.

In September – October you can visit all the sights either on your own, or taking advantage of excursions, it all depends on your desire. But November is already a more severe month, a time of storms and winds. The weather is changing.

Baikal Sandy beach about. Olkhon

Photo: Eduard Moldavsky