Arshan resort

Arshan – the most famous in Eastern Siberia is the balneological and mountain-climatic health resort. From Buryat “arshan” is translated as “healing water, a healing source.”

Arshan is located in the foothills of the Eastern Sayan, on the bank of the river Kyngargy, in a coniferous dense forest, in the heart of the Tunka Valley. The distance to Irkutsk is 210 km. Comparative availability of Arshan (3-4 hours on the road from Irkutsk) makes it the most popular holiday destination in Buryatia. For two days you can see all the surroundings.

Красоты аршана

The history of the resort begins in 1894, when a mineral spring was discovered here. In 1920, Arshan received the status of a resort of national importance, and since 1928, sanatoriums have been built here. Since that moment Arshan becomes a favorite place of rest and treatment for local residents and tourists.

The resort is located in a very picturesque place, the clean heals air is saturated with phytoncides of coniferous forest. Due to mild climate, summer is not hot, little cloudy, with short rains, autumn is long, clear, warm, windless. Winter is mild and snowy. Spring is changeable, with small frequent snowfalls.

Красоты аршана

Arshan is famous for its abundance of sunny days. According to the number of hours of sunshine, Arshan is inferior to such resorts as Yalta, Kislovodsk. The climatic conditions of Arshan make it possible to attribute it to one of the most comfortable corners of Eastern Siberia.

The main natural healing factors are carbon-sulphate-magnesium low-iron waters and sulphide muds, which are highly effective in treating diseases of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, metabolic, nervous, urinary and endocrine systems. According to its composition, local sources in the resort of Arshan are close to Narzan of Caucasian mineral waters.

In the vicinity of the resort there are many sights, to which are guided tours of varying degrees of complexity. The most popular among tourists were walks to the waterfalls of the river Kungyrgi, to the Peak of Love, to the Crystal Lake, to extinct volcanoes, to the old Arshans Suburgan (“The White Elephant’s Kingdom”) and Papy Arshan, to the eye source and the sacred pine grove. In the vicinity of the village there are excursions to hot mineral baths in Pearl settlement (Vyshka resort), to the radon baths of the Nilova Pustyn resort and to the Khongor-Uul area.

The surroundings of the resort are very picturesque and beautiful. Kind of the river Kyngargi fascinates and pacifies.

During the excursion along the marble canyon of the river Kyngargy, you can see 12 waterfalls. The length of the mountain stream is 27 km, the waterfalls are in its upper reaches. The bottom of the canyon is lined with marble of yellow-pink shade, polished with water. The most powerful waterfall has a height of about 10 m. To the first waterfall (5-6 m) there is a good wide equipped path along the left bank of the river through a beautiful coniferous forest (1.5 km). The rest of the waterfalls can be traversed along the path along the river (the length of the route is 11 km). For such walks in the summer you will need good walking shoes, trekkingovye sticks, sunglasses, light sportswear. In the winter: warm thermal underwear, warm synthetic socks, hiking shoes, trekking sticks, insulated top sportswear.

Canyon Kungargi is endowed with the status of a geomorphological monument of nature of federal significance.

In the village there are two Buddhist temples – Khandagaitaysky and Khoymorsk – in which lamas-healers and astrologers take.

Rest on Arshan – all-the-year-round. In summer time, the resort is also resting several thousand guests, who host not only boarding houses and sanatoria, but also guest houses of local residents. In winter, the flow of tourists is significantly reduced.

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