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Bright colors of Arshan

Time spending: all year round

Duration: 1 day

Number of people in the group: up to 12 people

The cost of a one-day tour in rubles for 2018.:

Number of people in the group Cost per person
with a group of 1 to 3 people. 3500
with a group of 4 to 7 people. 3300
with a group of more than 7 people. 3100

Description of the tour

Early in the morning, having met with the guide, we set out on our way to pos. Arshan.

Tunkinskaya Valley is magnificent with vast expanses, pure mountain air and graceful lines of landscapes.

For dinner we are already in Arshan. After having deliciously dined in one of the many cafes, we will continue our journey.

The valley of the river Camargues, on the banks of which the resort Arshan is located, is a narrow picturesque canyon. The river on its way forms numerous waterfalls. We will go to one of them. In winter, the tour passes through a frozen river among ice-covered rocks, snow-covered trees and snow-white peaks of fringing mountains. Heard as the water rumbles, rolling rocks along the bottom, and through the ice you can see its powerful current.

On the way to the waterfall we enjoy the beautiful nature, the sounds of the river, try the mineral water.

The main therapeutic factors of the resort are carbon-sulphate-magnesium low-iron waters, similar in composition to the Kislovodsk narzan. Their temperature regime ranges from + 11 C to + 45 C. Water is rich in trace elements and salts. They are used in the form of drinking and baths.

The first and most visited waterfall on Arshan has a height of 5-6m. At this point the river, squeezed by the high walls of the gorge, is thrown down with a crash from a six-meter height. The site near the waterfall is equipped with a wooden pergola with seats.

Enjoying the beautiful spectacle, saying goodbye to Arshan and going to one amazing place – the village Pearl,which is famous for its hot mineral springs. The water temperature reaches 38 – 55 C. In such water you can swim even in winter. According to scientists, thermal springs with similar medicinal properties are found only in Czechoslovakia and Azerbaijan. We suggest you try to dip and bask in specially built for this two pools and visit the spa.


After swimming, you can go to a little-known place – Hongor-Oulu – balneological resort area, located at the Gurbi-Daban ridge in the valley of the Kharagun river on both its banks. There are 10 outlets of mineral waters. Khongor-Oulu sources are cold (temperature -5 С) ferruginous sulfate-hydrocarbonate, sodium-calcium-magnesium with low salinity. Mineral water is indicated for diseases of the nervous, endocrine systems, diseases of the liver, eyes, stomach.

Here you can relax and admire the beautiful scenery, explore the mineral water and walk along the suspension bridge.

Then we set off on the return journey. On the way, you can stop by and have supper at any roadside cafe or in the village. Pearl. But if you endure to Kultuk, and from it about 23 kilometers along the path to the mobile tower, then you can dine at the café “Karetny Dvor”, where you can tasty dumplings with cherries.

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The author of the photo: Vitaly Lukashov

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