About us

Hello! You came to our site. And we are very happy about this. We first thought about writing to you how good tourism is developing in Baikal now, that there are in summer and in winter what to do and what to see. But we will not do this in detail, since you and so, being people well-read, are aware of much. And many tour organizers have already taken care of this on their websites. On our site there are relevant sections, where it is briefly mentioned. This is the section Guide and About Lake Baikal. After all, the information should be to provide a complete picture of your holiday.

We will tell a little about ourselves: we have been engaged in tourism for many years and there is an appropriate education, and the dream was always to tell people about those places of the Baikal region where we were before. So this site was conceived to present here your knowledge, experience, thoughts, ideas, services. We think that we will succeed and we will gladden you with interesting stories and suggestions on Lake Baikal.

What can we offer you:

Who is this site for?

This site is for those who are not ready to sit still, looking for something new and interesting, reasonably weighs the possibilities and needs. If you are ready in life for adventure or in your soul hidden a note of a researcher-adventurer, or you dream of a harmonious contemplative vacation with children, or maybe you just want to realize an old dream and visit the most beautiful places of Siberia, this site is for you. And your ranks and titles, positions and non-statements are not so important as yourself, with your desires and dreams, thoughts and stories.

What is it about?

Our site is about travels to Baikal, about different types of recreation on its shores. The site is a guide to the country of Baikal, where everyone can find something that will interest him. It contains not only useful and interesting information about the lake, but also offers tours and excursions to the most beautiful places of the Baikal region, which are constantly updated with new ideas and change for the better because of your participation.

What is our goal?

First of all, we want our site to become an open book of your questions and answers. I would like to see if anyone could satisfy their interest in recreation on Lake Baikal and achieve their goals. To everyone found here answers to many questions. For example, what is the best time to visit Baikal? Is it possible to have a rest with children? What excursion is better to visit, so that both adults and children are interested? What to take on a trip? and many others.
We will help you in choosing a trip and itinerary and save your time on additional searches for the best options.

We wish you a successful holiday!

Что от Нас

Полная информированность вас по выбранному маршруту, реализация его в приемлемых и оговоренных рамках, сопровождение в пути и вдохновение на дальнейшие путешествия.

Что от Вас

Мы ждём в гости всех, кто хочет увидеть и познакомиться с Байкалом, с людьми,живущими на его берегах, с его культурой, историей и сказаниями, всех тех, кто что-то ищет и находит, кто верит и кто жив душой.

Что для Байкала

Думаю не стоит говорить о том, как важно сохранять природу и все, что с ней связано в чистоте. Это и так понятно любому здравомыслящему человеку. Но стоит сказать о том, что Байкалу также, как и любому из вас важно отношение и забота. Не забывайте об этом, отдыхая на его берегах.