General information about Lake Baikal

There are many interesting and impressive places in the world filled with unique landscapes, historical events and cultural traditions. And there is among them one place, which for us will forever remain something more special, more native and close. It - Baikal. And simply because we were born here.

For us, Baikal is an amazing place, which has many mysteries and mysteries on its banks. Legends were composed about him, stories, poems, songs were written. It fascinates with its scale, beauty, unique character.

Many sources state that "Baikal"  - the word Turkic, comes from the wordBai Kul and in translation means "rich lake".

Since ancient times it is called the sacred lake, the sea. And apparently not just so, after visiting its banks you can feel this unique and sometimes even mystical power.

It is possible to read about the age of Baikal, that it approximately totals 25-30 million years and if it is really so, then it is one of the oldest lakes of the planet. The Baikal has a tectonic origin. The depression formed as a result of powerful tectonic activity has a depth of about 7 km, of which about 5.5 km it is filled with bottom sediments, the rest is water. Such indicators have no sea in the world. For millions of years, the coastline of the lake and the surrounding landscape have changed due to the seismic activity of this territory, resulting in the formation of the outline that we see now.

The lake is in the depths of the mainland. In shape resembling a crescent, it stretched in a northeasterly direction at 636 km. The greatest width of the lake is 81 km, in its narrowest part this value is 27 km. The length of the coastline is about 2100 km, the surface of the water surface is 31,700 km2, which is roughly equal to the area of ​​such countries as Belgium, Moldova or Armenia.

The maximum depth of the lake reaches 1637m - this gives him the right to be called the deepest lake in the world. The volume of water in Lake Baikal (about 23 thousand km3) exceeds the water volume of the five Great American Lakes, second only to the Caspian Sea. However, in the Caspian Sea, the water is salty. About 20% of the world's reserves of fresh surface water of the highest quality are concentrated in the lake.

In the water area of ​​the lake there are about 30 islands, the largest is Olkhon. 336 permanent rivers and streams flow into the Baikal, and the only and beautiful Angara follows.

More than half of the inhabitants of Lake Baikal are representatives of endemic flora, i.e. are found only in the water area of ​​the lake. This is about 85% of animals and 40% of plants. The most famous representatives are the Baikal seal, omul, sturgeon, golomyanka, many crustaceans, to which the lake owes its water purity.

Baikal - an unforgettable place, as one might say about other beautiful places on the planet. Any traveler will meet the lake in different ways, and of course everyone will remember it as something unique, fabulous and magical. So we remember it with warmth, and we always rejoice and feel in ourselves other forces, coming to its shores.

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At any time of the year Baikal is interesting in its own way and is accessible for travel. However, most people tend to its shores in the summer. Summer and early autumn - green and motley time, it's time for long holidays and school holidays, the season of active tourism and fascinating expeditions, the time of beaches and passive rest .... Winter and spring are white and fluffy times, it's time for holidays and Christmas tree decorations, the season of sledging with a faithful friend, the time of clear ice and a surprisingly beautiful snowy cartoon on the branches of trees. For more information on when to visit Baikal, see"Climate and Seasons".

What for

Any journey changes a person, that's why people want adventure, take a backpack or a suitcase and go where they feel, waiting for them something new, unknown, something that will help them to see life from a completely different side. Baikal from this point of view is truly an attractive place. There are so many legends and stories, stories and destinies connected with it that one can not refuse to travel to this beautiful and fantastic lake.


Baikal is recognized by many features as a unique lake of the planet and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. With its reserves and national parks, the difficult mountain systems Sayan, with a diverse endemic plant and animal world, with snowy beautiful Siberian winter, it is attractive to many tourists, whether ethnographers, climbers, masters of trekking routes, dreaming of wandering along the unknown roads of the taiga open spaces Pribaikalye, lovers of sports tours and real adventure expeditions and just travelers who decided to have a qualitative rest on the shores of Lake Baikal.