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The four-day trekking “Arshanskoe ring”

Time spending: summer 2018

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Number of people in the group: up to 7 people

The cost of the tour in rubles for 2018.:

Number of people in the group Cost per person
with a group of 2 people. 20400
with a group of 3 people. 15600
with a group of 4 people. 13200
with a group of 5 people. 11700
with a group of 6 people. 10800
with a group of 7 people. 10200

* The cost of the program with the participation of one person is 34,700 rubles.

Description of the tour

Day 1

Arrival at Irkutsk airport or hotel, meeting and getting to know the guide. Transfer to Arsh settlementн (250km). On the way we have lunch in the cafe “On serpentine”, from the windows of which you can see an excellent view of the southern extremity of Baikal. After lunch, drive up to Lake Baikal.

Upon arrival in the village. Arshan is located in the guest house and we are going to get acquainted with the Sayan mountains. The length of the walk is approximately 5 kilometers. The path goes along the cheerful, picturesque river Kyngarga, which is translated from the Buryat language as a “drum”. After about two kilometers we come to the waterfall, take pictures, relax. Further we rise to the pass “Anapurna”, which is not so high as the famous Himalayan eight-thousandths, but its slopes are no less steep. Going down from the pass, we are waiting for the road to the guest house, but we can not go this way on foot, but overcome it very quickly, in an exciting flight over the river at the attraction “Tarzan’s Flight.”

Upon returning home, we are waiting for dinner, after which we will light a fire in the courtyard and our guide will instruct you about the next day’s campaign.

Day 2

After breakfast we collect rucksacks and go camping.

First the path goes along the mountains, but after about 5 km. the ascent to the Artemovsky Pass begins. After about 2-3 hours we stop for lunch. By this time we will practically leave the forest zone and before our eyes the magnificent Tunkinsky loaches and the alpine meadows lying under them will be revealed. After lunch rest, we begin the ascent to the Artemovsky Pass, on the way making a stop at the mountain lake. The pass has a simple category of complexity and for its passage we do not need any technical means of insurance. It is advisable to pass it in sports clothes, trekking boots and use tracking sticks.

After climbing to the pass we go down to the forest zone and arrange a camp among the most beautiful landscapes. And of course, after dinner – a bonfire, different tales and dedication to mountain tourists.

Day 3

In the morning, after washing and having breakfast, we start descending one of the tributaries of the Kyngarga River to a place called Strelka where several streams meet and run down to Arshan. On a comfortable site, we stop for lunch and rest.

After lunch, we move with the river first through its valley, and then along with it we go to the gorge and in 2-3 hours we climb to the already familiar Anapurna Pass.

Upon arrival in the village. Arshan after dinner we are waiting for a bath, and after the bath – a fire and exchange of impressions about the hike.

Day 4

After breakfast we visit the Buddhist Datsan, and then we go on a car tour of the healing springs of Tunkinskaya valley. First our way lies to the opposite side of the valley, where the mountain ridge Khamar-Daban is located.

In one of the gorges there are healing springs of Khongor-Uulla. Each source here has its own name and purpose: Cardiac, Gastric, General restorative and others. In the gorge there is a pleasant silence, as well as many centuries ago, as if cities and civilizations are not on the planet. After taking a walk and drinking tasty and healing water from sources, we go to the village of Pearl, where you can dip and bask in healing methane baths. After bathing – a delicious lunch.

After lunch, transfer to Irkutsk. On the way you will enjoy the beautiful views of the Sayan Mountains.

Authors of the photos: Vladimir Smirnov, Richard Lozin

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Included in the price

  • Transfer by program
  • Professional guide services
  • Meals according to the program
  • Accommodation according to the program
  • Bathhouse
  • Rent of public equipment (boilers, tents, dishes, rugs)

Additional services and recommendations

  • With you you need to have waterproof windproof clothing, warm clothes, sleeping bag, backpack, trekking shoes, trekking sticks (if possible), sunglasses, sunscreen, flashlight, cap, hat, personal first aid kit, photo and video accessories
  • attraction "The Flight of Tarzan". Cost of 1000 rubles 2 routes; 1 route-200 meters 2 route-430 meters.