Three-day trekking village Bolshoy Goloustnoye – Listvyanka village

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Time spending: Summer 2017

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Number of people in the group: up to 7 people

The cost of the tour in rubles for 2017.:

Number of people in the group Cost per person
with a group of 2 persons 16600
with a group of 3 persons 12600
with a group of 4 persons 10400
with a group of 5 persons 9200
with a group of 6 persons 8300
with a group of 7 persons 7700


* The cost of the program with the participation of one person – 28400 руб.

Description of the tour

Day 1

Meeting and getting to know the guide. Transfer to the village. Great Goloustnoye (120 km). We land on the shore of Lake Baikal, near which we will spend the next three days. Today we have to go about 15 kilometers. We will spend the night on the cape Maly Kadilny on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Day 2

This day will be the most saturated in terms of impressions and distance. We will pass through the Devil’s Bridge (a trail in the rock above Baikal), conquer the Scripper (a mountain in the form of a trident) and walk about 23 kilometers of the tourist trail. We get up for an overnight stay in the Black Pad again near the shore.

Day 3

Continue to move to our goal and after about 3 hours we stop for lunch, after which, having overcome the taiga pass, we go down to the village Listvyanka, where we are waited by a very tasty omul and, of course, bathing. After that – transfer to Irkutsk (70 km) where our route ends.


Photo contributed by: Lev Belykh

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The Great Baikal Trail

Author: Lev Belykh

Included in the price

  • Transfer by program
  • Professional guide services
  • Meals according to the program
  • Fee for visiting the National Park
  • Rent of public equipment (boilers, tents, dishes, rugs)

Additional services and recommendations

  • With you you need to have waterproof windproof clothing, warm clothes, sleeping bag, backpack, trekking shoes, trekking sticks (if possible), sunglasses, sunscreen, flashlight, cap, hat, personal first aid kit, photo and video accessories
  • Accommodation in hostel or guest house, 800 rubles / person